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Contact: Lynne Aurand Mickley

About Seasons For Success

Monte & Lynne Mickley

I created the Seasons For Success website in 1998 not only as a way to promote Watkins spices and extracts, but also to share recipes and cooking tips. Naturally I envisioned I'd soon be making scads of money. Well, it didn't quite turn out that way.


When I started this venture, my part-time "day job" left plenty of time for designing and writing. But that day job soon turned into a full-time position, which left me only a few hours a month with the energy to work on the website. As the years went by, I revamped and rebuilt this site several times, but never quite got it "finished." For the past six months I've all but abandoned the place.


That's all changed now. I've quit that pesky day job and so of course have tons of time to devote to nothing but creative vision. That is, in between house cleaning, yard work, remodeling our great room, caring for my elderly parents, cleaning their house, snuggling with my cat, etc.


My vision for the site hasn't changed much over years; I still want to share recipes and cooking tips with a focus on nutritious, inexpensive, delicious meals. Something I longed for myself were quick & easy brown-bag lunch ideas for adults. I always took my lunch to work to save money, and quickly tired of bologna sandwiches. I never had the time or gumption to really experiment. I was afraid I'd bring something I absolutely hated and end up being hungry all day. Now I can experiment all I want. Of course, now I don't need to pack my lunches. Typical.


Anyway, now that we've halved our income, I'm interested more than ever how to fix great meals on a tight budget. Naturally, I believe Watkins products can help me do that. I hope you think so, too.